Sunday, 29 May 2011


I have finally, after months of toil, finished my beautiful, exquisite, Ingleside infinity scarf.

The scarf is named for the yarn - the delicious Miranda 4ply, in the colourway Ingleside. I was extremely excited to find a building of the same name in Cambridge, although I agree this isn't immediately apparent in the photos.

Knitting the scarf was rather like deciding to poke myself in the eye with a blunt stick. Indeed at times, I was tempted to do just that, my needles being so readily at hand and all.

You see, I was rather taken by the idea of a 'true' twisted rib scarf. By 'true' twisted rib I mean that all the knit stitches and all the purl stitches were worked through the back of the loop. This is time consuming (and as far as the purl stitches are concerned, a bit fiddly) but it creates a really really beautiful fabric. I'm so glad that I stuck it out, however tempted I might have been to just let this project languish in the UFO pile. 

The scarf can be looped double to make a warm cowl. Although the weather doesn't quite require that these days, I'll be glad of it come winter time.

All that's left to do now is enjoy!


  1. You're a lunatic, and that's a wonderful scarf. And the photos are great. I'm now torturing myself trying to remember where I saw Ingleside - up Alpha Road, maybe?