Wednesday, 2 June 2010


So I finally finished my Theolie pattern. In principle it seemed simple - design a shawl that is curved in shape, easy to knit, but still looks crazy beautiful. OK, so I should have realised it was a tall order. After lots and lots of false starts, when it actually came to the knitting, it was plain sailing. I guess sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some. In this case the shawl almost seemed to knit itself....

I had one concern about construction. Namely that the picked up edge would be unslightly on the reverse side, despite my attempts to minimise this by careful placement of the increases. I needn't have worried. After blocking the edge forms an attractive ridge. The shawl is basically reversible in that it looks good on both sides. This works well for me as I have trouble remembering to sort my hair out in the morning, let alone arrange my accessories 'just so'.

The photoshoot was another issue. A small person kept trying to get into all the photos...

And I was tempted to call the pattern Wimbledon after our second attempt at a shoot got rained off....but it all worked out well in the end.


  1. This shawl is wonderful ! I'll knit it soon

  2. I just finished knitting this and loved every moment of it. Thank you for the great design!!